Some Professional Guidelines For Deciding Upon Core Factors Of Vocation


BC_GodUnbound_1 (2) Very few congregations are actually engaged in welcoming these newest neighbors, though tens of thousands of refugees are brought to the US every year. There are many ways congregations can help, from ESOL classes to homework tutoring, to helping people learn how to shop in American grocery stores, to navigating the search for jobs and an education. Youre the Dean of a Divinity School, so I imagine youll have to answer yes to this but seriously, is there hope for the future of the Church? There is definitely hope for the future of the church. The church in America will look different 50 years from now than it has in the past century. you can check hereIt will be much more diverse in form. Read Full ReportThere will be more creative expressions of local faith communities, and networks of small communities will be more normative. The church will not be able to assume it is in charge of America anymore and deserves special perks (which is a good thing, as the true Gospel invites us to a stance of kenosis rather than dominance), and there will be more bi-vocational leaders and fewer full time clergy with salaries and benefits. We are at the front end of a new reformation, which will likely take many decades to unfold. I am excited to be part of this era of the churchs life, to be able to participate in the new thing that God is doing.

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