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Sophomore Elayna Bowser tees off a shot. 19-20. Bowser helped her team finish at the top of the leaderboards for the first time this season. But the numbers dont fully capture what Bowser means to her fellow Ramblers. Loyola womens golf head coach Carly Schneider said one of her favorite characteristics about Bowser is her ability to be a determined player and still have fun. She has one of the goofiest and fun personalities of the group, said Schneider. Together, we have a really great culture, and Elayna definitely makes the team laugh. Schneider said she has big expectations for the Dearborn, Michigan, native. After just three weeks, Schneider sees Bowser consistently shooting under 80 and creeping down toward par. She can definitely [shoot par every time], said Schneider, I really want to see her do well in [the] Missouri Valley [Conference] Preview. Despite being Loyolas low scorer through two tournaments, Bowser is still looking to improve her game. She said if she wants to do that, she has to improve on one of the hardest parts of golf. With putting, being more aggressive on the 10-foot and closer birdie putts is what I want to work on, she said.

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Smalls Funhouse. 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale. $7. 412-821-4447 or mrsmalls.com Related Events Fri., Oct. 7, 9 p.m. Brett Staggs Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me (SuperMonkey Recording Co.) brettstaggs.bandcamp.com What a charmed life Brett Staggs has lived, to hear it from the title track of his new album Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me. you can try heremedical interview bookIts an upbeat country-rock tune, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics relaying a curriculum vitae of a smooth-sailing life: I never get a fly stuck in my tea / I never run out of money / and I never get stopped by police. With that last part, its a little unclear what level of satire Staggs is reaching for, whether its a sardonic aping of privilege or simply a twist on the blues/folk tradition of listing all your problems in lyric form. It doesnt end up mattering much. The four songs on the EP are clever, charming and easy on the ears, particularly the closer, Love in My Heart (Hell in My Soul), which pleasantly yokes Bob Segers Turn The Page and brings the album some much-needed variety of tone. Home Is Where the Party Is skirts the expectation for Andrew WK-gone-country and instead delivers a clean, sweetly earnest song about friends, family and the powerful role music plays in those relationships.

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