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Arianna Huffington steps down from HuffPo “It’s sometimes said of one of my favorite poets, Walt Whitman, that he would have loved the internet,” Grusd wrote in a memo to staff late last month. “I can’t prove it, but I’m convinced he specifically would have loved HuffPost — our passion, our relentlessness, and our embrace of the new and the unknown.” The memo, which ran for more than 900 words, was titled “Our open road.” But it was sent at a time when it feels more like the Huffington Post is at a crossroads. AOL, the Huffington Post’s parent company, was bought last year by Verizon, which in turn bid to acquire another major digital property, Yahoo, earlier this summer. (The latter deal is still pending.) And, for the first time since it launched more than a decade ago, the Huffington Post is without an editor-in-chief. The site’s founder and namesake, Arianna Huffington, stepped down as the top editor in August to focus on a forthcoming lifestyle venture. Grusd said the company is in the early stages of hiring a new editor-in-chief, and that there’s no timetable to name one. Both internal and outside candidates will be considered. Internally, HuffPost Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim and editorial director for lifestyle Kate Palmer are believed to be the most likely contenders for the position. Grusd, who is leading the hiring search, took issue with the suggestion that the void left by Huffington posed the biggest unanswered question for the site.

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His comments came shortly after Donald Trump applauded himself for not bringing up the former president’s infidelity at Monday’s presidential debate. In an interview with Max Linsky on “With Her,” the Clinton campaign’s podcast, the former president opened up about how the Democratic nominee has changed since he met her over 40 years ago. “In Hemingway’s immortal words: In some way or another, life breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places,” Bill Clinton said. “And I think she has literally spent a lifetime dealing with not only her joys and her blessings, but also heartbreaks and disappointment, sometimes unfair treatment.” He added, “She is more reticent than some people are in this highly revelatory culture we seem to live in to discuss things that she thinks are better kept within the family or close circle of friends. But I’ve watched her, she’s just grown into it.” Trump has brought up Bill Clinton’s infidelity in the days after Monday’s debate and the Republican presidential nominee’s allies have been encouraged to talk about Monica Lewinsky, the intern with whom the former president had an affair in the 1990s. Hillary Clinton has said that the Lewinsky affair and the spotlight it brought on her family was one of the most difficult times of her life, noting that she fell back on her friends, daughter and faith to get through it. Hillary Clinton has said she does not feel the need to respond to Trump’s comments and her aides have predicted that Trump’s strategy will fail. During the interview that taped Tuesday — after Trump made some of his comments — Bill Clinton painted a relationship with Hillary Clinton that was more about their family than politics. Bill Clinton said his wife tells him when they start to talk politics at home, “No. I need a break. …

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