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But now the tide has turned. The results are there: Daesh is in retreat and the battle of Mosul is engaged. Since the Mosul operation started on Oct. 17, Iraqi forces have seized around a quarter of the city. Last week, the troops resumed fighting after a two-week lull due to stiff resistance by the militants, bad weather and thousands of civilians trapped in their houses. In an interview with the Associated Press on Sunday, the senior US military commander, Brig. Gen. WebsiteRick Uribe, praised the Iraqi forces fighting mainly on the eastern side of the city, saying they were at their peak. Uribe agreed with al-Abadis assessment that it would take another three months to liberate Mosul. He predicted the troops would face a different fight when they cross to the west bank of the Tigris River, saying it will mostly be a dismounted battle fought in part on narrow streets, some of which were not wide enough for a vehicle to pass. Mosul, Iraqs second-largest city, is located about 360 kilometers (225 miles) northwest of Baghdad.

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3. Find an activity you like If you don’t like running, why are you doing it? Forcing yourself into workouts you don’t enjoy will just lead to you finding reasons to skip them. 4. Set a schedule You have to make time for fitness because fitness will never make time for you. If you keep telling yourself that you’ll squeeze a workout in when you get the chance, it’s not going to happen. Whether it’s a regular pickup soccer game, hitting the treadmill, or heading to yoga, committing to a schedule will help you build healthy habits into your lifestyle in a way you will maintain. recommends setting a three month schedule. 5. Don’t be a desk sloucher Anyone who works a desk job has to admit they spend too much of their day sitting, and if they’re honest, slouching too.

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